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Hide callback
You can install Smart CallBack or ComfortCallback applications on your handset to hide the callback process when calling with Global Sim. Install it and make the calls conveniently!

Smart CallBack For Android

Control and reduce data costs
We suggest that you use Onavo app. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Onavo puts smartphone and tablet users in control of their mobile data usage.

Data Roaming App for our Global Sim Data sim
Use our Global Sim Data sim card even more flawless by having Roaming Data App installed on your Android or iOS device. Roaming Data App offers great flexibility of navigation on our Data Landing Page. Read info, order Internet Data bundles, check your usage – all this is possible while having Roaming Data App set up on your smartphone or tablet.

Download Roaming Data App for Android

Download Roaming Data App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)