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Legal notices

Global Sim GPRS update

Please note that there have been changes in GPRS usage set by EU regulation. In order to prevent unintended excessive usage of GPRS Services, it has been declared that each user has set monthly limit for GPRS Services.

Upon reaching 80% of the limit, the user will receive SMS notification. Additional SMS notification will be sent upon reaching 100% of the limit. The default limit is set automatically at €50. Each user is able to change the limit at their own disposal.

Please note that upon reaching 100% limit, GPRS service shuts down until the 1st day of an upcoming month. Additionally, each user is able to turn on/off the 80% limit notification, if needed. It could be done by entering *146*891# and pressing “Dial” or “Send” button.

To change the GPRS usage limit, please enter the following symbols on your phone and press “Dial” or “Send” button: *146*891*amount# where “amount” is the value of the desired limit.

Example: User wants to raise the limit from regular €50 to €200. User enters the following text on the phone *146*891*200# and presses “Dial” or “Send” button.

For more information please contact Support